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"SynCAS PSI Visualizer" for Shortage Prevention & Inventory Reduction

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Overview of SynCAS PSI Visualizer

"SynCAS PSI Visualizer" is a system developed for Retail and Manufacturing Industry to "Visualize" the stock status, and realize "Visualization of Inventory", "Early Detection of Problem Inventory", "Visualization of Inventory Reduction Progress", etc. As a feature, there are 7 features such as visualizing the stock status based on the user's present inventory management table (Excel, etc.).

7 Issues That Can Be Solved by "SynCAS PSI Visualizer"

There are too many products to perform better inventory management and reduction.

Aren't there any cases when inventory reduction and inventory management of all products cannot be handled because the number of products (SKU) is too large? There is a limitation to manage by Excel if the number of products is large, but SynCAS PSI Visualizer can solve this issue.

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The inventory reduction progress of all products cannot be confirmed.

Aren't there any trouble explaining the progress of inventory reduction to the management side or supervisor? SynCAS PSI Visualizer can "Visualize" the progress of inventory reduction.

Learn more about the visualization of progress >

Problem stock (over stock / out of stock) cannot be found at an early stage.

If products that are likely to become over stock or out of stock can be found at an early stage, response to it will not come too late. It is too late to respond after the problem has got worse. Over stock and out of stock can be found at an early stage by SynCAS PSI Visualizer.

See how it can be found at an early stage >

Adjustment of eccentrically located stock is very hard.

Aren't there any bias in inventory quantity, according to stock location? Such situation should be prevented by inventory adjustment, since adjustment becomes difficult if such situation occurs. SynCAS PSI Visualizer can solve this issue.

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Defect inventory that has a bad inventory turnover cannot be found.

Worsening of inventory turnover can be quickly found, concerning the product you keep observation on. However, when the number of products is large, you cannot keep observation on all products, and "Neglect" occurs. As a result, a problem that finding a defect inventory becomes difficult occurs. By SynCAS PSI Visualizer, a defect inventory can be quickly found from all products.

See how a defect inventory can be found >

Always pressed for time because creating materials for production and sales meeting is very hard.

While you are busy with inventory reduction operation, isn't it a heavy burden to create documents for regular production and sales meetings? SynCAS PSI Visualizer can reduce the burden of document creation.

See what kind of document it is >

Cannot cooperate with sales / production / purchase
Consensus formation of the plan does not go smoothly

In order to proceed with inventory reduction, cooperation with sales, production, purchase is mandatory. However, each department has an individual concept of value / evaluation index, and it is difficult to gain a consensus concerning inventory reduction / inventory control. SynCAS PSI Visualizer visualizes the inventory, so that persuasion to other department is strengthened, and consensus formation becomes smooth.

View why persuasion is different >

Appeal point of inventory management / inventory reduction "SynCAS PSI Visualizer"

The greatest appeal point of "SynCAS PSI Visualizer" performing inventory management / inventory reduction is "Making the inventory reduction operation more efficient". The reason is introduced from 3 features of SynCAS PSI Visualizer.

Appeal point of SynCAS PSI Visualizer

Flow of implementation and request for information of inventory management and inventory reduction "SynCAS PSI Visualizer"

Preliminary diagnosis can also be done!
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