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Hitachi Solutions East Japan, Ltd.

SCM (Supply Chain Management)

We devote ourselves to bring you the highest quality of effective planning and scheduling by synchronizing the processes of your supply chain.

Hitachi Solutions East Japan (HSE) SCM Solution Suite

HSE SCM Solution Suite is a series of software which enables the synchronization of processes within your supply chain, and help you perform an integrated decision-making for planning and scheduling.

This SCM Solution Suite organically connects the transaction of data between existing systems, and drastically enhances visualization and planning of your supply chain. By using it, you will be able to make a holistic decision starting from demand forecasting, sales planning, inventory control, and production scheduling.

Introducing "good decision" to your supply chain systems

It is getting more and more important for companies to analyze problems, make decisions, and quickly move into action, in a timely way. This is obvious, especially under an environment which continuously changes like nowadays.
Just like a human action, a business system needs to strengthen linkages with good decision, in order to make the action an effective one.

Our SCM Solution Suite significantly boosts up the so to say brain function, by operating closely with the execution system and analyzing/making decisions as the situation demands. It connects various operations that take place within the same organization, just like neurons inside our body, and realizes synchronization with the execution system.

It will enable you to perform an optimum decision-making, by robustly connecting the process of "Seeing" "Thinking" and "Doing".